More09.06.2015 0:00:00 Exhibition of flowers of begonia named “Kimjongilhwa” has opened in Nakhodka
More05.06.2015 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka city district Mikhail PILIPENKO took part in the meeting on implementation of investment project “Vostochny-Nakhodka Transport Hub Development”
More04.06.2015 0:00:00 Landscapers from Nakhodka shared the experience with colleagues from Ussuriysk
More04.06.2015 0:00:00 Public hearings on budget performance report for 2014 took place in Nakhodka
More03.06.2015 0:00:00 Youth business projects competition has started from the round-table discussion at the City Hall
More03.06.2015 0:00:00 Environmental action called "Our Earth is our home" united the youngest residents of Nakhodka
More01.06.2015 0:00:00 Child Protection Day was widely celebrated in Nakhodka
More28.05.2015 0:00:00 Mikhail PILIPENKO and Oleg KOLYADIN congratulated border guards on their professional holiday
More19.05.2015 0:00:00 Alina REZEPKINA from Nakhodka won the Russian Kudo Cup
More13.05.2015 0:00:00 Free tour of the city will be conducted for locals on the occasion of Nakhodka’s birthday
More12.05.2015 0:00:00 Exhibition “Portraits of Dagestanis – Heroes of the Soviet Union” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory has opened in Nakhodka
More09.05.2015 0:00:00 More than 500 Nakhodka’s residents took part in the march of the Immortal Regiment
More09.05.2015 0:00:00 Thousands residents of Nakhodka gathered at the Victory Memorial
More06.05.2015 0:00:00 Nakhodka joined the all-Russian ecological action “Zelyonaya vesna”
More05.05.2015 0:00:00 Action “the St George's ribbon” was held near entertaining complex “City-center” and in the square in Leninskaya Str.
More30.04.2015 0:00:00 First deputy head of the Nakhodka city administration Boris GLADKIKH congratulated fire service staff on their professional holiday
More30.04.2015 0:00:00 Participants of the Russian-Chinese motor-rally “Friendship”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, laid flowers at the Eternal Fire in Nakhodka
More24.04.2015 0:00:00 Over 700 medals have already been presented to Nakhodka’s war veterans on the occasion of the Great Victory Day
More22.04.2015 0:00:00 On the eve of the Great Victory Day, the authorities of Nakhodka city district together with local enterprises prepared food sets for war veterans
More21.04.2015 0:00:00 Wristwatches on behalf of the governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir MIKLUSHEVSKY will be gifted to 771 veterans of the Great patriotic War and home front workers in Nakhodka
More21.04.2015 0:00:00 Participants of the Russian-Chinese motor-rally, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, will arrive to Nakhodka on 29 April
More20.04.2015 0:00:00 About 700 medals were presented in Nakhodka on the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War
More16.04.2015 0:00:00 The head of the city administration Oleg KOLYADIN told schoolchildren about work of the municipal government and answered the questions
More14.04.2015 0:00:00 New tourism projects were presented to Nakhodka’s businessmen
More13.04.2015 0:00:00 First deputy head of the Nakhodka city administration Boris GLADKIKH congratulated the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the national holiday
More13.04.2015 0:00:00 The Head of the Nakhodka city administration Oleg KOLYADIN welcomed delegation of doctors from Seoul Kyung Hee University Medical Center
More10.04.2015 0:00:00 Nakhodka and Suifenghe expand trade and economic relations
More09.04.2015 0:00:00 Creative competition called “If I was a mayor” has been announced in Nakhodka
More08.04.2015 0:00:00 The head of the Nakhodka city administration Oleg KOLYADIN has opened new interactive exhibition “Soldiers of the war”
More08.04.2015 0:00:00 Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are honoured at public organizations
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