More29.04.2016 0:00:00 Consulate General of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea maintains friendly relations with Nakhodka city district: exhibition of begonia flowers “Kimjongilhwa” has opened at the International Marine Club
More27.04.2016 0:00:00 Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly representing Primorsky Krai Victor PINSKY visited Nakhodka
More25.04.2016 0:00:00 20 years have passed since music festival “Argo” was first held in Nakhodka
More22.04.2016 0:00:00 Law enforcement agencies of Nakhodka will be on high alert during the forthcoming May holidays
More20.04.2016 0:00:00 Military commissar of Primorsky Krai Sergey SLIVINSKY gave letter of appreciation to the head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV
More18.04.2016 0:00:00 Athletes from Nakhodka became prize-winners of the annual all-Russian karate competition “Success Cup”
More14.04.2016 0:00:00 JSC “Vostochny Port” became winner of the contest of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) “Industry Leader”
More13.04.2016 0:00:00 One year has passed since “Charity Shop” was launched in Nakhodka
More11.04.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka will start celebrating the 71st anniversary of Great Victory since the middle of April
More11.04.2016 0:00:00 News of the companies: Vostochny Port and EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port increased cargo turnover
More07.04.2016 0:00:00 Preparations for special fire prevention regime is under control of the Nakhodka city administration
More06.04.2016 0:00:00 Deputies of the Nakhodka city duma will make their contribution in making the city area cleaner and more beautiful
More05.04.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka's secondary school №24 celebrated its 40th anniversary
More04.04.2016 0:00:00 Schoolchildren from Nakhodka entered the list of the best English speakers in Primorye
More01.04.2016 0:00:00 160 young men of military age from Nakhodka will serve in the Russian army
More30.03.2016 0:00:00 The development of transport and logistics service favors social and economic situation in Nakhodka city district
More25.03.2016 0:00:00 Daria KHOKHLOVA from Nakhodka won the right to take part in the Kick Boxing World Championship
More24.03.2016 0:00:00 Workers of the sphere of culture were congratulated in Nakhodka
More23.03.2016 0:00:00 The all-Russian anti-drug action called «Let know where death is sold» is being held in Nakhodka
More22.03.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka Municipal Brass Band performed favorite compositions of local citizens
More21.03.2016 0:00:00 EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port enhanced unloading efficiency
More18.03.2016 0:00:00 Vostochny Port takes delivery of oversized equipment for Phase 3 of its Coal Terminal (photo)
More14.03.2016 0:00:00 Plan for sports development in the city district was presented to the Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV
More11.03.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV met with volunteers
More10.03.2016 0:00:00 The all-Russian anti-drug action called «Let know where death is sold» will start in Nakhodka on 14 March
More02.03.2016 0:00:00 Andrey GORELOV officially took office of the head of Nakhodka city district. He got acquainted with the staff and held the number of meetings
More01.03.2016 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka city district Andrey GORELOV officially took office on Tuesday
More01.03.2016 0:00:00 Citizens of Nakhodka found out about traditions of Japanese cuisine
More26.02.2016 0:00:00 Deputy consul general of Japan in Vladivostok gave high appraisal to the contribution of the city of Nakhodka in the development of friendly relations between two countries
More24.02.2016 0:00:00 The best enterprise of the consumer services sphere will be chosen in Nakhodka
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