More27.09.2016 0:00:00 Valentin Kondratenko from Nakhodka became winner of the 5th Open European Para Taekwondo Championships in poomsae
More26.09.2016 0:00:00 Joint exhibition of Chinese and Russian artists will be opened in Nakhodka on 29 September
More23.09.2016 0:00:00 Season of the open-air concerts is continued: Municipal brass band plays for local citizens and guests of Nakhodka
More20.09.2016 0:00:00 Throughput of Vostochny Port JSC up 2.4% to 15.8 mln tonnes
More14.09.2016 0:00:00 Two gold, one silver and six bronze awards were won by Nakhodka taekwondo athletes at the World Martial Arts Mastership Festival in the Republic of Korea
More09.09.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka Stevedore Company Vostochny Port will handle 2 million tonnes of export coal of the Kolmar Management Company annually
More07.09.2016 0:00:00 An agreement to build a mineral fertilizers plant in Nakhodka with investments totaling 370.5 bln rubles ($5.7 bln) was signed at the second Eastern Economic Forum
More05.09.2016 0:00:00 Transport Minister of the Russian Federation Maksim SOKOLOV paid a visit to Nakhodka Stevedore Company Vostochny Port
More01.09.2016 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV attended the ceremony on the occasion of completion of the construction of cargo berth No51 under Vostochny Port's Phase 3 Coal Terminal project
More31.08.2016 0:00:00 Young athletes from Nakhodka have gained experience at the international baseball festival in Japan
More30.08.2016 0:00:00 Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir MIKLUSHEVSKY has recommended creating in Nakhodka a collegial body on interaction of large business with small one in the course of his meeting with entrepreneurs
More26.08.2016 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV and the DPRK Consul General Mr. Im Cheon Il have agreed to broaden trade and economic humanitarian cooperation
More24.08.2016 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV held a meeting with director general of Transneft‑Kozmino Port, LLC Ruslan GAMBEROV
More23.08.2016 0:00:00 Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV took part in the meeting of the 5th Supervisory Board of the Free Port of Vladivostok under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District
More22.08.2016 0:00:00 The Japanese delegation visited Nakhodka
More18.08.2016 0:00:00 Athletes from Nakhodka won silver and bronze at the World ITF Taekwondo Championship in Great Britain
More16.08.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV held the meeting with local citizens
More16.08.2016 0:00:00 LLC Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company has tested a new circular route in Primorye 1, the international transport corridor serving cargo flow from Northern China to Asia Pacific
More27.07.2016 0:00:00 Center for social service of the population of Nakhodka calls organizations and enterprises as well as common citizens to join the charitable action “Kind heart”
More26.07.2016 0:00:00 Transneft – Kozmino Port has selected the best volunteer fire brigade
More25.07.2016 0:00:00 Russia-China fencing tournament was held in Nakhodka
More22.07.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka’s pupils left for the Songdowon International Children’s Camp in Wonsan, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
More20.07.2016 0:00:00 Boxer from Nakhodka Nikita CHIRVON won gold medal at the Sixth Children of Asia International Sports Games hosted by the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Russia
More19.07.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV supported the idea to name one of the city’s streets after brothers Zadorozhnys who fought against fascists during the Great Patriotic War
More15.07.2016 0:00:00 Sea ports of Nakhodka set a new cargo turnover record
More13.07.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka city administration continues accepting applications for participation in “Leaders of tourism industry” contest
More13.07.2016 0:00:00 Girl from Nakhodka Natalia ZAKHAROVA won silver medal in judo at the Sixth Children of Asia International Sports Games hosted by the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Russia
More12.07.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey GORELOV told deputies about the main results of the city administration activity in 2015
More08.07.2016 0:00:00 Throughput of Vostochny Port JSC exceeded 11 million tonnes in the first six months of 2016
More06.07.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka has coped well with the task of the Russian Federation Armed Forces General Staff for the spring-summer conscription for military service
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