More10.02.2016 0:00:00 EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port enhanced unloading efficiency
More08.02.2016 0:00:00 Each citizen of Nakhodka city district has an opportunity to appraise work of the city head
More05.02.2016 0:00:00 News of the companies: Vostochny Port handled about 1,700,000 tons of coal in January; Repair dock for large capacity vessels was put into operation in Nakhodka
More03.02.2016 0:00:00 Honorary citizen of Nakhodka Svetlana KUZOVOVA has celebrated her 80th birthday
More01.02.2016 0:00:00 Coordinating Council for patriotic education of youth was established in Nakhodka
More29.01.2016 0:00:00 A group of four drug dealers was sentenced to a total of 38 years imprisonment
More28.01.2016 0:00:00 News of the companies: Vostochny Port JSC has handled the first million tonnes of coal cargo in 2016; The environmental analysis laboratory of Transneft – Kozmino Port verified its competence at a regular field inspection by RusAccreditation
More26.01.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka honorary citizen Fyodor Konyukhov sets new world record for balloon-flight duration
More25.01.2016 0:00:00 The Open ITF Taekwondo Individual and Team Championship of the city district took place in Nakhodka
More21.01.2016 0:00:00 VSUES students teach IT skills to senior citizens
More20.01.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka citizens honoured the memory of sailors and fishermen who lost their lives in the sea
More15.01.2016 0:00:00 ESPO oil export through Kozmino Port by Transneft increased by 22% in comparison with the previous year
More14.01.2016 0:00:00 174 young men of military age from Nakhodka were conscripted into the Russian army
More11.01.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka left behind the port of Saint Petersburg by the total freight turnover volume
More11.01.2016 0:00:00 In 2015 Transneft-Kozmino Port, LLC performed the technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul program in full
More28.12.2015 0:00:00 Wrestlers from Japan became prize winners of the Open Nakhodka Championship
More25.12.2015 0:00:00 Young wrestlers from Nakhodka and sister-city of Maizuru will share the experience
More24.12.2015 0:00:00 Vostochny Port set cargo record
More22.12.2015 0:00:00 New Year’s charity events started in Nakhodka
More18.12.2015 0:00:00 25 years have passed since Hideo KOBAYASHI was awarded with the title of the Honorary Citizen of Nakhodka
More17.12.2015 0:00:00 Children’s paintings will create festive mood for the citizens of Nakhodka
More14.12.2015 0:00:00 Acting Head of Nakhodka Boris GLADKIKH told about sectors of economy of the city district, which are favorable for investments, at the International Economic Forum in South Korea
More11.12.2015 0:00:00 The DPRK Consulate General is moving to Vladivostok from Nakhodka but will continue developing friendly ties with the city district
More09.12.2015 0:00:00 The Nakhodka Duma has approved the city's budget for 2016
More09.12.2015 0:00:00 Female athlete from Nakhodka Alina REZEPKINA was conferred the title of Master of Sport of international class
More08.12.2015 0:00:00 JSC «Vostochny Port» represented Far East at the IX International Forum and Exhibition «Transport of Russia 2015»
More04.12.2015 0:00:00 A new regular international shipping line is now operating at the terminal Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company LLC in Nakhodka
More03.12.2015 0:00:00 Interview of the managing director of Vostochny Port was aired on RBK TV channel
More30.11.2015 0:00:00 Cadets from Nakhodka took part in the rally in the memory of the fallen soldiers, which was held in the city of Dalian (China)
More27.11.2015 0:00:00 Library conference “Culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation” among schoolchildren dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory was held in Nakhodka
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