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Nakhodka, as a city, is quite young. It was founded in 1950, when the workmen's settlement of Nakhodka got the status of town. Since that date Nakhodka has started its historical development as a town and port. Now it is one of the most significant sea ports, an industrial and cultural center of the Russian Far East with the total area of 36 thousand hectares. The population of the city is about 169,000 people.


Nakhodka has monsoon climate which is influenced by the sea. The average temperature of the year is about +3, +4 °С. The warmest month is August (the average temperature is +20,5°С). The average temperature in January is –10,4 °C, in February it is 7,5 °С. 229 days of the year have the temperature which is above 0 °C. North winds predominate during the winter. South and southeast winds predominate during the summer. The average wind speed is 3-5 m/sec. The annual atmospheric precipitation is typical for monsoon climate. Annual sum of atmospheric precipitation is 740 mm a year. About 17 % of a total sum of precipitation falls in winter. The greatest sum of precipitations (about 60 %) falls in summer and autumn.


At present Nakhodka is a center of fishing industries with great sea ports, on-shore fish processing enterprises, ship repair yards and can making production. Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base, Can Making Factory, Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard and Rosneft-Nakhodkanefteprodukk have significant importance for Russia. The strategic advantage of the city is non-freezing deep-water sea ports with developed transport infrastructure. The following largest enterprises of the Primorskiy Krai are operating in Nakhodka: Vostochniy Port, Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port, Fish Port, Oil Port… etc.


Geopolitical location of Nakhodka greatly differs from other cities and regions of Primorskiy Krai. It is the greatest port of the Far Eastern transport system located at the crossing of seaways and railways to the countries of the Pacific Ocean. Geographical features of the city form the priority directions of development of economy connected with export.  The trade ways to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada, USA, New Zeeland and other countries go through Nakhodka. Nakhodka has good business relationship and cooperation with Magadan, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, the countries of South-Easten Asia and America. It has developed trading relations with more than 42 countries all over the world.


Nakhodka is known abroad as the port of Peace and Friendship. It has twin-cities in Japan, America, China, Republic of Korea, Province of Phuket (Thailand).


Nakhodka is the second largest city in Primorskiy Krai. It takes the leading positions in many directions of social and economic development. The city administration gives special attention to the stable work of public and utilities services, improvement of the city territory and putting streets in order.



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