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The city of Bellingham is located in the US State of Washington. It is the largest city in Whatcom County. Bellingham's economy has been traditionally based on commercial fishing, which is one of the area's oldest industries. Bellingham is also a large cultural center with five museums and art gallery.

The agreement on friendship between Nakhodka and Bellingham was signed by the chairman of Nakhodka City Executive Committee Viktor GNEZDILOV and mayor of the city of Bellingham Mr. Duglas on 17th January, 1989. The initiative to make Nakhodka a twin-city of Bellingham belonged to families of American citizens, who sent letters, photos and childrens drawings to Nakhodka two years before. In February, 1988 delegation of the citizens of Bellingham visited Nakhodka. They attended Vostochny Port, sanatorium Zhemchuzhny, secondary school 25, Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base and the International Marine Club. In the same year, Nakhodkas yachtsmen from yacht club Antares made a trip to Bellingham on the yacht called Captain Panayev.

In 1990, delegation consisted from representatives of the authorities of the city of Nakhodka worked in Bellingham. In 1995, delegation of the workers of culture was here. Among the delegates were employees of Nakhodkas museum and the Central City Library as well as member of the Artists Union of Russia Gennady Omelchenko, who presented the collection of his pictures.

In 1998, yachtsmen from sports club Antares spent three weeks in the camp of four winds and took part in yacht racing with American guys. In the same year, American children from the club of four winds visited Nakhodka. Program of their visit to Nakhodka was very eventful. Such meetings became traditional since then.

Photo documents, letters of the citizens of Bellingham, childrens drawings, a symbolic key and the patchwork picture from the city of Bellingham are being kept in local museum.

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